Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lots of stufffff

This week was a busy one for me and I am writing this entry with the last bit of energy I have left. I wish I could share every detail of my week, but I think this post would turn into a novel. So, instead I will try and recap the events that stand out. :)

On Tuesday, I went with my sister Breanna to get the tattoo she's been planning to get since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. She texted me one day and asked me what my favorite flower was. I assumed she was going to have flowers sent to me. Well, I was wrong. The next time I saw her she showed me a beautifully drawn picture of a peony with a breast cancer ribbon. The drawing was done by her very talented friend, Lisa. I of course was very honored she'd do this for me. So, when she asked if I'd go with her to get it done I said yessssss! The tattoo turned out amazing and I feel even more bonded with her.

Later that evening my parents, sister, the girls and I all went over to my brothers house to celebrate his birthday. It was nice to spend the evening with my family. I've always been very close with my family, but now more than ever I feel a strong need to be around them. Especially my daughters. I can't stand to be away from them. I miss them just knowing I'll be away from them. This has kind of always been the case with them though. ;)

Thursday, I met with my therapist. This is the same therapist I was seeing up until the September before I was diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, I was finally just getting through a lot of things I'd been dealing with for many years. I was just beginning to feel like I was on my way to a really good and peaceful place... and then bam, I was hit with breast cancer and my whole world was turned upside down again. I knew I'd need to go back to her or someone, but was really nervous to make that step. Therapy is a tough thing to start, at least for me. I made the appointment on Monday, and by Tuesday I was trying to convince myself I didn't need to go. But, I am so glad I did. Even though cancer consumed my almost every thought, I was still in a little bit of denial about the whole thing. Just recently it hit me hard and I knew it was time to deal with all the emotions and feelings I have been having. I felt better as soon as I sat in the chair and began talking. I even look forward to my next appointment with her.

The next day, Friday, was the appointment for my thyroid. I imagined this appointment to be much worse than it was. I was still haunted by the biopsy needle that went into my breast I think. That is the needle I imagined going into my neck. Eeeek! I was relieved when the doctor described to me the actual procedure. It was quick and painless. He numbed my neck and then insterted three tiny needles that somehow get enough cells to find out if this thing on my thyroid is something to worry about or not. I'm choosing at this point not to worry. I've been reassured by a few doctors now that these nodules are extremely common.

That evening my friends planned an early birthday party for me. It was a wig/beach theme. I was super excited about this as I'm never really that comfortable being in a wig, but I'm also not that comfortable being bald when I'm in a large group. There was a definite sense of relief knowing that I wasn't going to be the only one in a wig. The guys and even a few girls did silly wigs that kept us entertained. By the end of the night we were all swapping wigs and having a lot of fun with it. The beach theme was equally nice because I have been craving a beach vacation so badly. I plan to hop on the first flight to Mexico or Hawaii as soon as I am done with all this crazinesssss. I had the best time and once again feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have these amazing people in my life. 

This may have been the best wig of the night.

I loved the purple wig the most!
Making the most important birthday wish I ever have!

My exciting weekend didn't end with my birthday party. The very next night I got to attend a very special baby shower for my friends Amy & Joe. This was not just any baby shower. This was an 80's themed baby shower with a DJ spinning all the best music from the 80's. Everyone was dancing and having the best time. I so wished I would have had more energy to participate. But it was still a great time watching from the sidelines. Justine came up with a really good idea. When this cancer business is all over, we need to have a real beach party with a DJ playing 80's music. I can't think of anything better! :)

Amy & Joe

I finished the weekend off spending the day with my daughters and niece. Then came home and had a nice mellow night with Eric and the girls watching our favorite show, Amazing Race. I'm very much looking forward to going to bed soon. Tomorrow will be round 11, which will leave me with just 5 more to go! I love that so so much!

This has been one of the best weeks I've had since all this began. I am looking forward to more weeks like this.

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  1. So this was eventful and quite busy week for you. Surely I can say you would be enjoyed those days. From pictures I can say it.