Monday, March 14, 2011

Round 12

Today was round 12, which leaves me with just 4 more rounds to go. Each week that goes by feels like a weight is being lifted from my shoulders. Especially after days like today. I wasn't so sure that would be the case after the nurse weighed me though. I gained 6 pounds this week. SIX POUNDS! (gasp!) It felt very similar to the time when I was pregnant and gained 12 pounds in one month. Even the nurse was surprised by this jump in weight. She tried to make me feel better saying it was probably just water weight from the steroids and said it would likely come off as soon as I'm done with the chemo. Fingers double crossed! Even though any weight gain (especially for girls) is very hard to take, I realize I have a few things I'm dealing with that are just a little more important. :) So, instead of dwelling on it, I've decided to pass on all the evils I love that all my friends and family like to bring me... carrot cake, brownies and chocoloate donuts. Grrrrr! The appointment did end on a better note. I got the pathology results for my thyroid... Low probability of neoplasm, consistent with a benign thyroid nodule. Basically, this means I have nothing to worry about. I will just have to follow up periodically to make sure it doesn't grow in size. Thennnnn, Dr. Ellis did another breast exam. She checked and checked and checked again and could not feel the tumor. She said had she not known my history of breast cancer she would not have suspected anything to be wrong. Dr. Ellis is typically very calm, cool and collected, but today when she was checking me I saw some excitiment in her I haven't seen in previous appointments. Her reaction gave me such a sense of relief. This seems like great progress considering where I started. I was diagnosed with a stage 3 triple negative breast cancer and now my doctor cannot even feel it. My tumor was so large it was visible by sight. I really do feel like my prayers are being answered. *tears*

My sister in law (to be), Janette, came along to my appointment today. She is also the lovely leader of "Team Margie" for the Susan G. Komen walk in June. She amazes me with everything she's doing and all the ideas she has come up with to raise money for this very important foundation. I'm so thankful for everything she has and continues to do for me and this foundation. I was happy to share this great day with her. :)  I even got a few surprise guests today - Jamie and Rachelle. They were both at the hospital today waiting for Rachelle's dad and a good friend of ours, Kathleen, to get out of surgery. Kathleen was donating one of her kidneys to Rachelle's dad. She is truly a selfless and special person. I cannot wait to give her a big hug when I get to see her.

I've had some really good days the last couple of weeks. I can feel my attitude changing for the better. I am back to feeling positive about all of this and even feel a little like myself again. I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My friend Amy sent me a text this evening that made me cry... a happy cry. She said "4 weeks and you start a new chapter. It's not quite the end of this book in your life but a chapter closer to putting the cancer book down. We will celebrate gynormously when it's done!" I very much look forward to that celebration with all the people who have helped me get through this journey. :)

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  1. So strong.. so positive!! Fight like a Girl! I love it!! Thanks for sharing your story.. beautiful lady!