Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Round 7

Today was round 7. I have to say it feels much better to say I have 9 more treatments left than 10. I had the pleasure of having both my dad and mom with me today. I'm pretty sure my dad somehow talked my mom into going to keep him company. As soon as that Benadryl hits my vein, I am out. Today I was in and out of consciousness, but in no means able to make clear conversation. Benadryl is no joke. I could go for some right now though. I've already taken my Lorazapam and I'm not seeing sleep anywhere in my near future. I think next week I'm going steroid free. Dr. Ellis gave me the OK as long as I didn't have any reactions to the chemo today. Woo hoo!

I also received a lot of information today from Dr. Ellis of what my future holds after my last chemo treatment on April, 11th. I will have surgery (double mastectomy) pretty quickly after that last date. It will all depend on my blood counts. So far they have been doing pretty well. Nothing compared to where they were on the AC. I also found out I will begin 6.5 weeks of radiation following the surgery. I've done a lot of reading online lately and it sounds like the radiation does a number on your skin and doesn't always make for a nice reconstruction surgery. Sigh... But, the radiation reduces the chances of me getting cancer again. I will do just about anything to not have to relive cancer. I've not mentioned this before because I didn't want to worry anyone... Or myself. But there was a spot found on my thyroid. When we first discussed treatment, Dr. Ellis told me we would retouch that later. I haven't had the nerve to retouch it until today. She told me to have a spot on my thyroid is very common and we would soon do some additional testing. I guess it's a pretty simple procedure. I'm wondering if this thyroid issue is the culprit for me gaining 5 pounds over the last few weeks. Not happy about that at all and especially not happy that my eyelashes are now falling out too.

I met a woman in the hospital lobby today that was an ovarian cancer survivor. She heard me telling my parents about all the changes I'm going through. She told me she lost all her hair everywhere, including her eyelashes and eyebrows. She even lost some toe nails and finger nails. But, she didn't seem fazed by it. She said "it's just what we have to deal with to get through this". She's so right! It's such a short amount of time when comparing it to my whole life ahead of me. It was the reality check I needed. I am still going to (try) hop my 5 lb bigger bum on the elliptical tomorrow though, and drink my juices that Dian made me. :)

Another thing I found out today is... I have Shingles! Shingles! Who gets shingles? I guess people going through chemo with a compromised immune system do... Oh, and the stress doesn't help it either. I am taking medication for it and thankfully it's not bothering me too much.

I wanted to share another story about my treatment today. The woman behind curtain #1 was talking to her friend and referred to her time getting chemo as "getting pampered". I loved it. I loved all the inspirational women I was around today. It's true, all the nurses make you feel so comfortable. It really can be quite relaxing.

After my appointment today, I'm finally seeing the light. It feels really nice.


  1. You my friend, are an AMAZING woman. Someone I know posted how he saw a double rainbow today and how amazing it was. You are that Amazing rainbow. Hang in there the results will be worth this journey, and you will find your pot of gold. I love you!

  2. See Margie, you are one of the wonderful positive people that was around you all day...I can only imagine how you make others feel, probably warm like the light you see today. Im so very honored to have you in my friend circle. I love you and still praying each night... You will win this!

  3. Hi Margie,
    I read your blog today, and WOW! Our thought and prayers are always with you. I love you! Hugs! I am here for you!!! for anything, anytime. I am here.